Serving our community since 1954

The history of our Credit Union

The Clarence Community & Schools Federal Credit Union is a not-for-profit member owned and operated financial institution established to meet the needs of its members and their families.

Our Credit Union was started on October 13, 1954 for the employees of the Clarence Central Schools. We expanded our field of membership to include the employees and officials of the Town of Clarence, and the Clarence Senior Citizens. We expanded to a community charter allowing us to serve the entire Clarence community on November 16, 2001. Family members of any current member may also join the Credit Union. Our name was changed to the current name on July 29, 2004.

John D. O'NeilJames R. McDonnell
Donna L. O'NeilGwendoline A. Watson
George NavikWilliam Wilson
Janet M. NavikJames Battistoni
Graham SmithTed Sturgis
Lucille BookerOlive Johnson
William Holmwood
Benjamin Macey

These forward thinking individuals pooled their savings through payroll deductions so members could borrow money at favorable rates. The money earned from loans paid dividends (interest) to the savers. We strive to be the best place for our members to save their hard earned money and to borrow from when the need arises. In addition, we want to provide the services and conveniences that our members want and deserve.

The Credit Union movement

The Credit Union idea is a simple one. People should be able to pool their money and make loans to each other. This idea evolved from early cooperative activities in Europe.

The first true credit unions were started in Germany in 1852 and 1864. It was the only way many individuals of lesser means were able to save and borrow money.

Since that time, the guiding principles have remained the same: 1. Only people who are members can save with, and borrow from, the credit union; 2. Loans are made for prudent and productive purposes; 3. A person's desire (character) to repay is more important than the ability (income) to repay.

Members are borrowing their own money and that of their friends. These principles still govern most of the world's credit unions.

As the 20th century began, the credit union idea surfaced in Canada. Their success influenced two Americans, Pierre Jay, the Massachusetts banking commissioner and Edward Filene, a Boston Merchant. In 1909, they helped to provide the legislation in the state of Massachusetts to start the first credit unions in the United States.

By 1925,15 states had passed credit union laws and by 1935, 39 states had credit union laws. Growth was slow. In 1934, Congress passed a federal credit union act which permitted credit unions to be organized anywhere in the United States.

After World War II, the growth of credit unions and membership grew rapidly. Today, there are more than 72 million Americans who are credit union members. This growth is also reflected on a global scale where persons every- where realize the benefits of belonging to a financial cooperative.

Office Staff
Marsha BrauerCEO / Manager
BrodieOperations Manager
TraceySenior Loan Officer
ShelleyLoan Officer/Member Service Representative
DeannaMember Service Representative
JackieMember Service Representative
GraceMember Service Representative
SavanahMember Service Representative
Board of Directors
Joseph DaiglerPresident
Brian SchmidtVice President
Fran LoganSecretary
Marsha BrauerTreasurer
Joseph Gonzales Director
Karen Mauger Director
Suzanne Zelin Director

Our Board of Directors is a group of volunteers elected by our members at the annual meeting. The Board meets at least once a month to receive and approve staff reports, which allow the Board to monitor and control the operation of the Credit Union. Board members serve three year terms. If you are interested in being a volunteer, please contact our Manager, Marsha Brauer.

Supervisory Committee
Suzanne ZelinChairperson
Mark MedoleCommittee Member
Dawn SnyderCommittee Member

The Supervisory Committee is appointed by the Board of Directors. They oversee the operation of the credit union by employing an independent CPA firm to conduct an annual audit for safety and soundness of procedures. They also independently send out verifications of all accounts. They help to protect your funds by overseeing legal compliance matters and guarding against any fraudulent or improper practices by staff or board members.


If you LIVE, WORK, WORSHIP or GO TO SCHOOL in Clarence, Amherst, Akron, or Newstead, you are eligible to join Clarence Community & Schools Federal Credit Union.

Once a member, always a member

The philosophy of credit unions has always been, "once a member, always a member". If you leave employment within the Town of Clarence or move out of the area, you can continue to be a member of the Credit Union as long as you keep your account open and active. Many members who have moved away or retired, continue to keep their accounts active with the Credit Union.

Mission Statement

To serve our members with personal, professional and efficient financial services.

Vision Statement

To be the primary financial institution for our members.

Regular Hours

  • Monday - Thursday: 9am - 4:30pm
  • Friday: 9am - 5:30pm
  • Drop box: available 24/7
  • Answering machine: available for after hours. Just leave your request along with your name and phone number.
Holiday Hours

2017 Annual Dinner Meeting

The annual meeting will be held on Thurs. March 23rd, 2017 at the Harris Hill Volunteer Fire Company Hall. Meeting is at 5:30pm with dinner at 6:00pm. Order tickets by calling (716) 630-0888. All members welcome.

What a great way to teach children about saving money.

Credit union at CHS

Student run Credit Union at CHS!

Clarence Community & Schools Federal Credit Union has a branch at Clarence High School. Students are trained to open new accounts & make deposits and withdrawals for other students. Transactions for High School Staff are handled by a Clarence Community & Schools Federal Credit Union employee, who is there to supervise all transactions. The Student Run Credit Union is open on Wednesdays during lunch from 11:00am – 2:00pm. Marsha Brauer, Clarence Community & Schools Federal Credit Union CEO/Manager, felt that this would be a great way to teach financial literacy to our youth, especially during this time of economic hardship for so many.

Clarence Middle School News

Clarence Community & Schools Federal Credit Union is offered at the Clarence Middle School every Tuesday morning before school. We can do most transactions and can open new accounts for both students and staff.

Elementary Schools participating in Youth Savings Program

All four Clarence Elementary Schools are currently enrolled in our Youth $avings Program which allows students to bring money to school each $uper $aver Wednesday and have it deposited in their account at the Credit Union. A sticker is returned each week in their change pouch and a coloring/activity page is mailed with their receipt.

Catholic Schools News

Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary Catholic School offers our Savings Program to their students.

Clarence Community & Schools Federal Credit Union Awards

2013 Clarence Chamber of Commerce Business of the Year

Outstanding Professional – 2013 Marsha Brauer, CEO/Manager
Desjardins Award Desjardins: For our efforts in teaching financial literacy to youth in our community.

  • 2014 First Place
  • 2013 First Place, 2012 First Place & First Place CUNA
  • 2011 First Place, 2010 First Place, 2009 First Place
dora-maxwell Award Dora Maxwell: Recognizes efforts with community outreach and fundraisers.

  • 2015 First Place
  • 2014 First Place, CUNA 2nd Place
  • 2013 First Place, 2012 First Place
  • 2011 Second Place, 2010 Second Place, 2009 First Place & Second Place CUNA
louise Award Louise Herring: Given for demonstrating in an extraordinary way, the credit union philosophy of improving the lives of its' members.

  • 2013 First Place, 2011 First Place, 2010 First Place
CSCU Cameo: 2014 Honorable Mention, 2013 Second Place, Recognition for Community Outreach Project, 2012 Honorable Mention

Community Outreach

Chamber Awards

2016 Louis Nanni Memorial Scholarship

Chamber Awards

2013 Clarence Chamber Business of the Year

Chamber Awards

CHS Academy of Business and Finance

Chamber Awards

Summer internships

Chamber Awards

Kids Kings Village Fundraiser

Chamber Awards

Louis Nanni Scholarship

Chamber Awards

Local Scout Meetings

Chamber Awards

Food Pantry

Chamber Awards

CPR Training

Chamber Awards

CCSFCU Member Appreciation

Chamber Awards

Supporting the town of Clarence

Chamber Awards

Youth Week 2016

Chamber Awards

2016 Erie-Niagara Chapter, NYCUA Golf Outing

2016 intern

2016 Intern

  • Chamber Golf Tournament Awards Dinner
  • CU Golf Tournament
  • Children's Mirale Network
  • Hunter's Hope
  • Akron Chamber of Commerce
  • Clarence Hollow Association
  • Youth $avings Program